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Cristian Barrios Best band 10/10 love you all so much Favorite track: At Least I Tried.
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Presenting our debut full length. We've poured our entire hearts and souls into this project in the year we've been playing together as a band. Here is a collection of everything we've been working so hard on. We hope you enjoy.


released March 15, 2017

Sophie Alemi- vox, bass
Nijol Benjamin- drums, bass
Jon Haire- guitar, audio production

Recorded at Platypus Manor in Baltimore, mixed at Analog Approach in Annandale

Huge shoutout to Pablo Cabrera for mixing this album. He is a top notch producer and a top notch friend.



all rights reserved


Pinkwench Baltimore, Maryland

sophie alemi
nijol benjamin
jon haire


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Track Name: At Least I Tried
the night you left i sat in my room
drank cold coffee until very soon
i lost all feeling in my hands and arms
begrudgingly, i gave in to the dark
and fell asleep and dreamt about
your restless fingers and glowing mouth
and how you'll never come home
cause home isn't here anymore
you're lost at sea
come back to me
nowhere left to hide
every since you died
Track Name: Ophelia
she wants to play
she's fading away
she hides when i'm scared, i run out of air

alone in her body
heavy but empty
sun in her hair, i run out of air

her dying wish, she's out of breath
she says "i wanna be perfect" in death
ophelia wants to know what i said
ophelia wants to play dead

after she sleeps
she feels so at peace
she wants to come over but i can't move

the weight is too much
i long for her touch
but she can't touch me, she left her body

ophelia, what's wrong with your head?
she's spinning and she can't make it end
Track Name: Waking Up With No Shirt On
the simplest thing: your eyes aglow when i make you laugh
beautiful virtue!
i drink the poison that you give to me
sex in your basement--your car, your porch
let the neighbors watch you dig your nails in every time
Track Name: Fog
hang from the noose made with your own rope
you've nothing left to lose, but god, don't lose hope
the longer this goes on, the less it develops me
i sit and wait and a certain fog envelopes me

the night i saw your gun i knew you were the one
beer only enables the fun now look at what you've done

now it appears i have nothing left to fear
but kisses infused with cigarettes and beer
and a strange strange man with his legs wrapped around me
i'm still waiting for this fog to surround me

your eyes are mazzy stars
i stare at them in the dark
your eyes are mazzy stars
and i stare at them in the dark
Track Name: Ignore You
it's time for another race
i'm tired but i fucking love the chase
it's empty and small inside
the perfect place to hide

i let my shadow grow
i let it break my bones

confusing to feel this numb
a letter left on a mausoleum
roses with no thorns
a halo wrapped around my horns

beauty has seen brighter days
all the color fades to gray

you should've said goodbye
you shouldn't have made me cry

let's fly through outer space
leave behind no trace
wait until i bore you
wait until i ignore you
Track Name: Sunflowers Blooming In A Graveyard
is this the end? i thought it'd hurt much more
were we pretending? you're not that bitter at the core
you're like a serpent sliding through the cold
but i deserve it
i deserve to be alone

so we kiss and we kiss once more and you say
"you're not that bitter at the core"
but who are you fooling? i know you're full of lies
it was your choosing, so open up your eyes

sunny days never felt this cold
every sunset just reminds me that i'm old
and isn't it so pretty? how life goes awry
we live and live and we forget we're gonna die
Track Name: Shatter
you could forgive me for throwing you out that cold night
but i couldn't let you in, i knew there'd be a fight
could you forgive me? i'm sorry
you could forgive me, i'm sorry

shadows fall across your back
to match the decency i lack
there's a piece of me inside of you
that i won't get back

you could forgive me for wetting your t shirt with my tears
i know it's a pain to dry, i should've punched a wall
to shatter me instead of you
to shatter me instead of you